Four Great Attractions To Visit When You Make It To Houston TX

Where all have you been in Houston, Texas? I’ve been to the city many times, and I haven’t made it to most of the attractions there. Granted, I lived over two hours away, and most of the time I visited H-Town, I was on the way to Minute Maid Park. I’m about to tell you four places to visit in Houston that might fit what you’re looking for in vacation attractions.

Let’s start with Buffalo Bayou Park, which is located at 18-3600 Allen parkway and Memorial Drive. One thing about this place is it’s the spot to visit if you want panoramic views of the city of Houston. There are also great jogging paths there. You might not feel like going for a jog on vacation, but perhaps you’re up for a scenic walk. Buffalo Bayou Park is said to be quite a gem.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company would make for another nice stop. The location is 2000 Lyons Avenue, and there are even bocci courts there. You can sit outdoors and sip on brews while enjoying the beer garden. You can also enjoy lunch there if you want a bite to eat. Saint Arnold Brewing Company is said to be quite the fun place.

The Downtown Aquarium would also make for a great visit when it comes to attractions in Houston TX. The address for The Downtown Aquarium is 410 Bagby Street, and there are snakes, reptiles, fish and even spiders there. There is even a shark tunnel that you can drive through. You’re also going to find white bengal tigers there as well.

Then there is the Beer Can House. Its address is 222 Malone Street, and you’re going to find out that it lives up to its name. The entire home is covered with tons of beer cans. It’s more lovely than it sounds, as it is part of a restoration project. It’s quite the interesting place, don’t you think?

Well, I hope these four attractions in Houston are up your alley. They are highly ranked, so they should be a lot of fun. And keep on coming back for more great picks because there is so much to see in H-Town. You’re going to be wowed as you make your way around the city of Houston, and make sure you spend some time in the downtown area. The Downtown Aquarium would be a great place to get started.